Cathy Raso began practicing her craft in 1973, in Melbourne’s inner city and greater suburban plains. Since then, she has uniquely developed her style and precision.  Cathy prides herself on her ability to capture a moment, from elegant ballet dancers in pirouette to the delicate movement in the reflection of a puddle.  Her quality of materials and use of colour gives subject to her overall delicacy and accuracy whilst still keeping her typical style apparent. Her eye sees detailed reflections of light and dark allowing her to express mood and movement within her artworks giving texture, depth and emotion.

Cathy primarily works with medium soft pastels combing that softness with experimental strong daring colors on textured paper.  She extends her art to water colour on water colour paper and oils on canvas again experimenting with colour, shading and perspective always focusing on the ultimate goal of “capturing a moment” on paper.

Each piece has been created in admiration of movement and an exploration of the continuum between bold and delicate expressions.